Let's get excited about your business
Let's get your audience excited
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Remember that why we work.
Making an impact is tremendously important to your success

The first glimpse your potential clients have of your business must be instantly impressive
or they will look elsewhere.

New Moon brings affordable marketing and communication skills to businesses like yours.

Together we will create that 
memorable impression with bright ideas, rich narrative
and original imagery.

let's get started... 
Remember that why we work.
Nothing excites us more than getting creative

With a wealth of experience, innovative thought and limitless creativity we will take a fresh, unbiased look at your business.

After years of working in corporate public relations for multinational companies, we understand how to make the magic happen. We now want to share that expertise with you.

We know you're good at what you do, and we're good at what we do: It's the ideal partnership.

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Remember that why we work.
We love words!

Words are extremely powerful; they paint pictures and elicit strong emotions, so we need to make sure you’re using the right ones. 
To communicate the important messages you want to convey, we will use vocabulary that is familiar to your target audience.
We will use fonts and colours that create compelling and persuasive content and consistently apply this theme throughout all your marketing materials. 
If you wish to compose your own text, we can give you guidelines to follow, or help you perfect it. 
We can draft press releases and features for targeted publications, to inform your audience about your business's news and developments. 
Whatever your business needs, let's work together to make you stand out from the rest.

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Remember that why we work.
Like words, images create an instant emotional response 

The right image will make people stop and take notice. It will help to tell your story and create a relationship. 
Whether you have a business, product or service to promote, our award-winning photographer can capture the perfect images to enhance your marketing materials. Your photographs will be distinctive and original and will match the style and theme of your business. 
We also have a vast collection of stock images, which cover numerous subjects, styles and themes, which we can choose from. 
Our images will stop people in their tracks and keep them interested. 

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